How to Submit Documentation

Submitting documents? Easy as 1-2-3!
Submitting documents correctly will get your documents processed more quickly.

Select one way to submit (below) How do I do that? How do I know my document was received and processed?
1. Upload it myself Log in to your account, go to Document Management and Upload (see below for more detail).

Do not include a cover sheet

Administrative Access / MSA Access Users: Under Document Management you may upload documents for INDIVIDUALS to any confirmed staff member. Under Program Administration: Program File Manager you can upload PROGRAM related documents such as NAFCC / NAEYC and, Multiple Attendee Training Submission forms.

For more detail, click the guidance document link below.
When you successfully upload you get a pop up and email telling you the document has been received by the system.

You get another email when the document was processed (verified, denied or identifying we need something else from you to process the document).

Administrative Access / MSA Access Users: Correspondence goes to the account holder, not to you. INDIVIDUAL staff member, correspondence goes to the account holder, not to you. When you upload PROGRAM documents, correspondence goes to you.
Once documents are uploaded to your account you can view your documents after you log in under Document Management.

You can view completions coded to your account under My Tools and Settings - My Education and Training Report.

For a list of what to send and guidance, click here. To view this information in Spanish, click here.