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You may only apply once for THIS scholarship lottery. If you have applied for previous lotteries, you must also apply for this one.

  • If you ARE NOT A MEMBER of the Charts-A-Course Registry, a Registry account will be set up for you as part of the award process, if you are awarded, so there is no need to also set one up at this time.

  • If you ARE A MEMBER of the Charts-A-Course Registry, and wish to be a part of the scholarship lottery, you must apply for scholarship assistance using the link below.


Welcome to Connecticut’s Early Childhood Professional Registry



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 For support with education advising and registry accounts, please 
contact the appropriate staffer below.

Staff Member
Primarily Serving
Contact Information
Typhanie Alexander,
Education Advisor
Individuals interested in application for licensing Head Teacher and the Early Childhood Teacher Credential (ECTC)
800-832-7784 x1
Valerie Parks,
Education Advisor
Individuals and programs in Fairfield, New Haven, Middlesex and New London counties
800-832-7784 x2
  Margaret Westwood,  
Education Advisor
 Individuals and programs 
in Litchfield, Hartford,
Tolland and Windham
800-832-7784 x3

Submitting documents? Easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Please fax (860-713-7040) or mail all documents with Registry ID # and name as it appears on the Registry account.
    Do NOT email documents to individual Registry staff!
  2. For questions regarding what to send, please log in and see My Resources - Submit Training. Do NOT send resumes, medication administration training certificates, non-credit training certificates or expired credentials of any kind.
  3. You will receive an email confirming what has been received (typically within 3 business days), and then a second email confirming when the document has been uploaded to your account (typically within 7-10 business days). Do NOT re-send your documents unless you have not received the first email within the timeframe!
News and Updates
  • May 2016 Scholarship Update: The OEC scholarship assistance fund is currently closed pending state budget decisions. Stay tuned for the Scholarship At-A-Glance which will include eligibility and requirements. Click here for the most recent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the scholarship assistance fund.

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